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Welcome to! Our aim is to teach TensorFlow from the ground up, without requiring you to know or learn, deep learning at the same time. We found many tutorials were too heavy on the machine learning parts, and skipped over important details of how it is implemented in TensorFlow, making it difficult to start creating your own programs.

Choose your own adventure, by selecting which set of TensorFlow tutorials you'd like to start with. If you are new to TensorFlow, we recommend you start with Basics. If you have some experience, check out Learning or Distributing.


Don't have TensorFlow on your computer yet? Use the official TensorFlow instructions here to get started.

Be sure to select whether you want to use your GPU or not - you'll need it in a later tutorial, but if you don't have a supported GPU, that's OK.

Learn about arrays, matrices and tensors in our lessons focused on introducing the basic concepts of the underlying mathematics behind TensorFlow and its use.

These tutorials build up the skills needed to implement algorithms in TensorFlow from research and technical documents.

Starting from scratch? Our tutorials assume no data mining knowledge and no previous TensorFlow experience.

We do ask that you have some Python experience. Check out our Resources page if you don't.

What about data mining? If you know the basics of TensorFlow, and want to get started on the Machine Learning, start here.

Our tutorials are heavy on application, light on theory. Checkout our Examples page for more complex examples

Distributed computing is where TensorFlow starts to shine. These tutorials will look at how to use your computer(s) to the limits to do graph computation.

The tutorials assume the previous lessons, so only go here if you are confident with the basics.

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