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We read a lot of books on TensorFlow. On this page you’ll find a reviews on them, growing as we review more books. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at

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Learning TensorFlow :: Book Reviews

Learning Data Mining with Python, second revision

Robert Layton

Rating: No rating given
TensorFlow included? Included, focus of chapter 11 only

Created by LearningTensorFlow's own Robert Layton, this book is a practical introduction to machine learning in python. You'll learn-by-doing, creating a new project every chapter that introduces new concepts.

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TensorFlow For Machine Intelligence: A hands-on introduction to learning algorithms

Sam Abrahams, Danijar Hafner, Erik Erwitt, Ariel Scarpinelli, Troy Mott

Rating: 3/5
TensorFlow included? Focus of whole book

This was my first book on TensorFlow, and it was a great introduction to the thinking behind the library. It also was one of the first books on TensorFlow available with a decent depth. This, however is its pitfall - TensorFlow has moved on, and unfortunately books do not auto update. This is the only reason for its lower rating - the book itself was well written, had good information and is presented to a high quality. If a second revision of this book is released, snap it up immediately.

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