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Artificial Intellgience, Business automation and Deep Learning

Discover what you can do with TensorFlow and data analytics in your business.

Over one hour, we will dive deep into your business' goals, your customers, projects and products. Then we will discover how artificial intelligence, deep learning and business automation can play a role in your next 12 months and beyond.

We will really work to find out what you want, in terms of project scope, timeline and implementation strategy.

After this session we will prepare a detailed report on related projects in your sector and detail how the projects we discussed can be implemented. This report is yours to do with as you wish. You can take the strategies and hire us to implement them. If you have in-house development, we can write the strategy to help your team create it.

What you'll get:
  • One-on-one (or one-to-your-team) engagement over one hour to dive deep into your goals and possible outcomes
  • Bespoke project ideas from someone with experience in practical outcomes of data science activities
  • Short, medium or long term plans
  • A detailed investigation into the actual tools you can use, as well as a detailed plan of action
  • A free book on data analytics for businesses (coming soon!)

Price: $AUD297 per session (inc Australian GST)

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We normally work on Australian Eastern Standard time, but can move hours around to fit your schedule.

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Grow your business with data analytics

Looking to improve your business through data analytics? Are you interested in implementing data mining, automation or artificial intelligence?

This book is the ultimate guide to getting started with using data in your business, with a non-technical view and focusing on achieving good outcomes. We don't get bogged down by technical detail or complex algorithms.

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